Multi-Camera Setup for TalkTalk's New Ad Campaign Stuff Matters - Transmission TX

TX Films Multi-Camera Advert for TalkTalk

Over the festive period, Transmission TX were tasked with installing a multi-camera rig and assisting with the capture and shooting of footage, for a series of adverts by TalkTalk.

Using a range of unmanned Fixed rig and PTZ remote cameras, these were installed in a family home, including remote hotheads and 360 degree camera rigs.

Rigged in a relatively short period, as covertly as possible, to avoid interaction with the family. This allowed us to capture raw, ‘fly on the wall’ footage of your average, everyday family in the UK living their day-to-day lives, capturing the spirit of TalkTalk’s message ‘This stuff matters’.


Read more about the project here:


Watch one of the adverts produced from our captured multi-camera footage here:

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