canScan by Transmission TX - 3D Scanning & Modeling Service

canScan – 3D Scanning and Modeling

Introducing canScan by Transmission TX.

Being well-versed in 360°, 3D Visualisation, Capture and Laser scanning technologies, TX are pleased to offer the canScan digital reconstruction service, turning your stage, scenes, locations and Assets into 3D Models viewable in Gaming Development Engines (GDE) such as Unity or Unreal engine.

This allows you to receive a digital visualisation of your project assets allowing more freedom to interact with your assets in more ways than previously able.

canScan by Transmission TX - 3D Capture and Reconstruction. Capture your Stages, Assets and Important data in a 3D model you can view and explore in Unreal, Unity and other 3D engines.

Captured 3D Models can be presented in a web-based model viewer, locally on a CAD software package,or imported to 3D modelling software like SketchUp for rapid visualisation and design.


Capture real-world environments and objects to digital 3D formats, see an example Set captured by 3D Laser Scanner and presented using the Sketchfab Web-based Model Viewer.


Contact us with your requirements and see what can be achieved with the canScan digitisation service!