Ragdoll - In the Night Garden - Transmission TX

Ragdoll – In the Night Garden

“Production Company – Ragdoll
Programme – In The Night Garden
Facilities – Transmission (TX) Ltd”

In the Night Garden, filmed in 2006 by TX for Ragdoll, has been a phenomenal success in the UK with high ratings, awards and press accolades since its launch in Spring 2007. The show has has sold over 1 million DVDs, 2.5 million books and 4.4 million plush toys in the UK alone and won Best Preschool Programme 2010 Broadcast Awards, BAFTA’s for Best Preschool Live Action 2007 and 2008.

As a result of its popularity the world premiere and nationwide tour of In the Night Garden Live, a spectacular musical theatre experience for the whole family will open for a two-week run on the 17th July 2010.

Originally filmed in a woodland location, TX crew were challenged by the numerous stoats, weasels, rabbits and other wildlife that took an interest in the kit, often mistaking it for food! Filming involved re-scaling the characters live on location to ensure Iggle Piggle, Macca Pakka, the Haahoos, Pontipines and other characters could interact and view each other at the relative size they would later appear on screen.

Other collaborations between TX and Ragdoll Limited include the BAFTA winning Teletubbies, which can now be seen in more than 10 countries and territories around the world.

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