First ever 360 Nike Commercial - Transmission TX

First ever 360 Nike Commercial

Shooting with 360° cameras in Spain at the Barcelona Training Ground, TX recently filmed a new digital commercial featuring global football star Andres Iniesta wearing the new CTR 360 Maestri II boots and showcasing his skills and mastery of the midfield.

The creative minds from Outsider Advertising Agency recognised the parallel features between 360 filming and the playing standard achievable, from wear of the 360 boots. While the construction of the boots helps maximise performance capability – allowing control and precision from all sides, leading edge 360 video technology captures all the action, from all angles. Both give rise to the most exciting and controlled performance possible.

Following a successful pitch to Nike, Outsider ran with their idea to create the first ever 360 Nike Commercial – and looked for a company that had the experience to deliver outstanding 360° footage.

Outsider turned to TX, as the leaders, confident that their specialist knowledge, backup and range of solutions would help them achieve the standards required. Footage was then edited to be viewable as standard video.

The result? The creation of an outstanding and innovative ad, successfully demonstrating an exceptional new boot.

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