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VR Experience In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats wins at VR Awards

Another fantastic VR experience from East City Films, ‘In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats ‘ scoops the Best Location Based Experience at the VR Awards.  Congratulations to all those involved. TX are proud to have been involved with this project, providing the team and equipment to shoot VR video, fly drones and provide motion control rigs.

Winner of IDFA’s DocLab Award for Immersive Non-Fiction, In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats is a visceral, ecstatic ode to a time when what mattered most was chasing that next dance-floor high.

“Akin to a time machine – or at least the closest thing we have to one so far … Surrounds you with sound, senses and the thrill of being young.” – Why Now

Read the full article on the WhyNow website:

Read more at the Melbourne International Film Festival website:’s%20DocLab%20Award,that%20next%20dance%2Dfloor%20high.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Three New VR Films launch at The Illinois Holocaust Museum

Education via VR Film – TX are incredibly proud to have to have helped create this set of powerful Virtual Reality films for East City Films for the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Centre in Skokie, Illinois, USA.

These three films tell the stories of three incredible women: Rodi, Doris and Marion. Each of whom tells their personal story of how they survived the holocaust with the odds stacked against them.

Each of their stories are remarkable and it was a real honour to help tell them.

TX provided a complete solution of VR cameras, specialised grip, lighting and drones, together with the crew to make the shots possible.


Find out more about this Exhibit on the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Centre website:


Read more about this VR Film project on East City Films website and Blog:


Fixed Rig Fanta Halloween Commercial

TX provided Fixed Rig Systems, using 16 hidden remote PTZ cameras around a convenience store to capture unsuspecting customers’ reactions for a Spooky Fanta Halloween Advert.


Watch the result below, what do you think? Would you have been scared if you went to this shop?



Crew, Cameras and Grip provided by Transmission TX.


Read more about this fixed rig project at:




Coventry City of Culture presents a euphoric interactive 360 Video VR experience, an adventure that transports you into the heart of the Acid House movement, where finding the party is the only thing that matters.

TX are proud to have shot the 360 Video content for Darren Emerson’s (East City Films) latest VR Experience.  TX utilised a range of our 360-degree and 180-degree Cameras mounted on our custom motion control rigs, drones and Mantis Stabilised dolly in challenging low light conditions.



A great project to work on, read more about this fantastic project at on the East City Films website:

Alternately, read more on the Wales Millenium Centre website:,of%20a%20revolution%20in%20dance.

Winter into SpringWatch

BBC Winterwatch 2022 has come to an end and we’re helping prepare for BBC Springwatch 2023 with our Remote PTZ Camera systems, using Bradley Engineering Camball PTZ Cameras, among others.


BBC Springwatch is a favourite for people of all ages, and we’re always pleased to help produce a fantastic show.

Transmission TX provide Fixed rigs, PTZ Cameras, Grip, Control panels, Switchers and more.


Find out more about the show and see how our remote ptz cameras bring Springwatch to life on the BBC website:

DJI Ronin 2 Now in Stock

TX have added several DJI Ronin 2s to our stock together with:

DJI Force Pro Motion Sensor and DJI Master Wheels

TX provide Live Streaming & Webcasting for your Business

Transmission TX provide live streaming equipment to help your business work remotely. Keep your business mobile this year! Specialising in remote cameras since 1989, Transmission TX can set up and run your webcasting from start to finish. What ever your budget we can tailor a package to suit your business.

Shakespeare & Hathaway new Season starts filming!

A new Season of the popular comedy drama Shakespeare & Hathaway on BBC has got off to a flying start!


The format has proved to be a big hit with viewers worldwide. Over a million viewers tuned in to BBC One to watch the last series, and the episodes have been sold to 175 territories across the globe. We’re looking forward to seeing what cases Frank, Lu & Sebastian are out to solve this time around.


TX have been proud to provide Technical Crew, Equipment, Vehicles and Location Power since Season 1!

Read more about Shakespeare and Hathaway on the BBC website:

Father Brown New Season in full swing!

Back for another season, shooting for new episodes of the hit show BBC’s Father Brown Season 8 is in full swing.

Father Brown is currently sold to 162 territories worldwide. Viewing figures in Norway have made it the BBCs most popular show there. In the US, Father Brown is the only UK drama reaching more than 100 million homes in primetime.


Transmission TX is proud to once again have provided Equipment and Technical Crew for the show through numerous seasons.


“GK Chesterton’s atmospheric Father Brown stories are the best the genre has ever seen.” Michael Newton (The Guardian)

Read more about Father Brown new Season on the BBC Website:

SmallHD 503 & 703 UltraBrights at TX

The brightest 5″ & 7″ monitors in the world, with 2200 nits they can still be viewed in bright sunlight. Featuring a plethora of useful tools we’ve come to expect from SmallHD including HDR preview. We think these are the best onboard camera monitors you can get right now. Give us a call for availability and I’m sure you’ll agree!

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