360 Video Experience Angioplasty with the British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation – Angioplasty in a Catheter Lab

An immersive 360 video experience, TX scrub up for a first-person view of an angioplasty at The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, for specialist VR Production Company; East City Films


Experience a live Angioplasty, experience it in a 360-degree video, made for the British Heart Foundation.



Utilising a range of 360-degree cameras, external recorders, monitors and viewing gallery to ensure that everything was captured, and nothing was missed, stitched live for better viewing, with a full stitch completed in post, and presenting via a VR headset for an experience as if you were there.


Read more on East City Films website: https://eastcityfilms.com/british-heart-foundation

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